Johnny Shand Kydd, Robin Williams, Rufus Deakin and Sheba the Great Dane

Christmas in Suffolk 1980
I met Robin Williams and his first wife, Valerie, through Shelley Duvall, during the shoot of Robert Altman’s film, ‘Popeye’, in Malta, and we became dear friends. Being incredibly generous, they lent me their Hollywood apartment when I had nowhere to live in Los Angeles. I returned the favour by inviting them to England for Christmas. Robin was exhausted after flying in from America straight off a comedy tour. He was already very well known as a comedian, thanks to ‘Mork and Mindy’, but was now gaining renown as an actor. Here he has finally woken up to join us at the table, entrancing the little boy, Rufus Deakin, with his stories. Johnnie Shand Kydd, the photographer, is on the left. The last time I spoke to Robin before his tragically early death, he told me he had loved spending that Christmas in England.