Rod Stewart’s Football Match

Coldwater Canyon, Los Angeles 1976
Rory Flynn, (the shapely bottom on the right, and the daughter of Errol Flynn) and I used to hang out at Rod Stewart’s football match every Saturday in Beverly Hills. The girl on the left, is her friend Dianne. Everyone who was anyone in rock and roll or movies used to congregate there, and at any one time on the pitch, you’d have half the Rolling Stones, The Faces, or The Who, plus producers like Ian La Frenais (who wrote ‘Porridge’) or actors Ian McShane or David Hemmings. It was all shouting and swearing and it was a lot of fun. The guy on the right is Paul Nichols, the drummer from Widowmaker and if you look very closely, you will see Rod Stewart on the football pitch at the extreme right of the photo.